Our mission at Bible Baptist church is to reach our community and beyond for Christ through the power of God’s Word, by…

  • Exalting the Savior (worship) – Giving God the glory due His name by the weekly exposition of His Word and Christ-honoring music.
  • Evangelizing the Sinner (Missions) – Taking the Gospel of Christ to our world.
  • Enlisting the Servant (ministry) – Meeting the needs of others.
  • Equipping the Saved (Discipleship) – Developing people who know and do what Christ taught.
  • Edifying the Saints (Fellowship) – Building on a common faith.

We believe developing followers of Christ are committed to:

  • Worshiping God,
  • Contributing to God’s work,
  • Living under the authority of God’s Word,
  • Walking with God’s people,
  • and Impacting God’s world.

What are the results of our commitment to this mission?

  • Glorifying our great God!
  • Seeing many trust Christ as their Savior, at home and beyond!
  • Mending the lives of the broken!
  • Maturing saints with a lasting stability!
  • Developing young people that are principled biblically, and wise to meet their world!
  • To produce a church family where love and acceptance lifts up the downcast!